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    Thank you very much for contacting us.

    You may reach us through the email info@drmarcofranzreb.com. Please be aware that our emails may initially end up in your spam folder.

    We get between 60 and 80 emails per day we  provide you here with all the information which has been necessary in the past regarding administrative issues. At the end of this text you will also find two links where we publish interesting actual information about the medical treatment in Lisbon. At the bottom of this page you will find indications to follow for the setup of an online appointment. These are usually given on the same day and have a cost of 100 Euro happening through video call (whatsapp, facetime, whereby, skype). Most cases can be seen like this and have the convenience of being time efficient and exclude waiting times. In office appointments have a cost of 120 Euros and should be booked through the reception of the office (english spoken).

    Entrance to the office of Dr. Franzreb in Instituto Medico on the 2nd floor

    Dr. Franzreb sees patients online, at their home and in the office, it is your choice. After online visits, necessary receipts for medications or tests will be sent digitally, in case of need they could be handed out in the office. He speaks German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. He is a specialist in General Medicine and in Traumatology and Orthopaedics.

    For the scheduling of office visits you may contact one of the following office telephone numbers:

    +351213520275 (9 am-7 pm)

    +351967463150 (9 am-7 pm)

    If you cannot reach us by phone numbers you may set up your appointment through the above mentioned email address.

    In cases the visit could not be online because a clinical examination was necessary we will tell you so or if you already know please tell us. If you have the suspicion of having COVID we kindly ask you to tell us in advance. COVID patients are not allowed to access the office. Acute COVID patients are only seen online or at their home or online. If there is the slightest suspicion of having Covid a negative Antigen test, can be made at all pharmacies, has to be presented. Kindly understand this request as we have many elderly and chronically ill patients. 

    tratamiento enfermedad cronicaVisits in the office can be given short-term and have a maximum duration of 30 minutes. The cost of the visit in the office will have to be paid cash on site. You will find an ATM across the street of the office. If you are attending the office for the first time please be there minimum 10 minutes in advance in order to have the time to fill out your clinical record and start your consultation on time. We always try respecting the patients appointment starting time, most probably we are one of the medical offices with the highest punctuality rate but this is only possible with your collaboration.

    Medical emergencies are always seen on the same day and are given priority over other patients. If you think you are having a medical emergency kindly tell us and we will arrange for you to talk with the doctor as soon as possible.

    In the case of not being able to reach anyone on the phone, which is often the case due to the to the large amount of phone calls, kindly contact us through the email given above and we will organize the appointment for you.

    We don’t perform any lab tests nor x-rays in the office, we will refer you for that to the places we work with. If you need special appointments we may organize them for you.

    Home visits are possible and may be organized through the email given above (info@drmarcofranzreb.com). The setup of the appointment is the same as with the online visits.

    Charges have an 100% increase outside of office hours, weekends and on holidays. Cancellations with no plausible reason and less than 24 hours in advance are charged if the appointment is not filled.

    tratamiento alergia

    If you are contacting us because of insurance questions, we kindly ask you to refer to the insurance. We do not accept the European health card, you will get a bill from us and you claim the refund from your insurance. With the European health card you will be seen at the SNS (portuguese national health system).

    Short administrative requests may be solved by making an appointment at the reception desk specifying that it is for administrative issues which can be solved in less than two minutes so you will be provided with an appointment for this purpose.

    If this text does not solve your question please send an email and we will get back to you. In the case of sending an email with an urgent health issue, please specify in the subject line of the email.

    Vaccinations are limited by portuguese law. Refer to the SNS. If you provide the vaccine we will administer it to you in the office if you wish.

    Information regarding the setup of an online consultation

    online appointment doctor lisbon

    You may do an online consultation through FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp or Whereby having a good Internet connection. This consultation lasts for  a maximum of 30 minutes.

    Kindly contact us through the email: info@drmarcofranzreb.com and put in the subject online consultation and your name. Please provide in the text of the email the reason of your consultation and a description of your symptoms providing your name, birthdate and if you need a bill the portuguese tax number if you have one and  if you don’t your country of tax residence. Make sure to provide the contact through which you want the online consultation to happen choosing from the ones listed above. We will reply giving you the possible ways of payment.

    As soon as you send us the proof of payment, the online appointment has a cost of 100 euro, we will normally set up an appointment within the next 12 hours. A refund is not possible. Please be aware of the above mentioned increase in the case of consultations outside of working hours. The bill will be sent per email once we have received the payment on the account.

    To set up the appointment you kindly send an email with your name and online consultation in the subject line, attaching the proof of payment and the following in the body of the mail:

    Name: xxxxx
    Birth Date: xxxxx

    Contact: Facetime or other mentioned way of contact + number

    Country of fiscal residence: xxxxxx

    Portuguese tax number: yes or no


    Clearly specify if you need a bill. Necessary receipts are sent after the consultation via email. Kindly be aware that we do no lab tests in the office but in the Portuguese laboratories you need a prescription from a doctor, which he will get after the consultation sent via email.

    For receipt requests of patients of ours, the receipt will be sent by email once the proof of payment (40 Euros) has reached us. Please make sure to detail the name of the medication needed, the dosage and any details needed for the correct prescription. For first time patients and certain medications, like psychiatric medication, special receipts are needed which can be given only with an appointment. In those cases you just pay the appointment with no extra charges for the receipt. For the issuing of receipts to persons who are not patients of the office in all cases there must be a first time consultation which will end in you getting the receipt with no extra cost but having to pay for the consultation. Sick leaves can be issued and are handled like the receipts. Kindly make sure with your employer that our sick leave will be accepted, we are not part of the SNS.

    In the case of visits in the office you will receive your bill immediately after having paid the corresponding amount in cash. All appointments are scheduled previously per email or phone. The accounting of office visits goes only through the reception of the office, the accounting of online and home visits is done through this email address. In both cases you receive a bill which you pass over to your insurance. If you have a Portuguese tax number we need this for the bill, if you don’t have a Portuguese tax number we need your country of tax residence for the bill.

    Here you find information about coronavirus, please be sure to read before sending us questions about COVID:


    Here you find doctors and institutes we work with.

    Medications we use are found on this site.

    To see medications available in Portugal. A very good site is found here. Infarmed provides an official site to look for available medications, used to be terrible but maybe improved in 2022.

    Ever since the pandemic started in February 2020 we are overwhelmed with work but we try our best even if we are getting between 60 and 80 emails per day. The special situation has forced us, to not being able to fulfill requests for insurances and medical reports. We kindly request you to ask for those only if they are strictly necessary. In the case of insurances with questions which are just made to keep the people working and avoid having to refund, we offer you to come one day at the end of the visits of the day and the doctor will put on your bill whatever you want him to put in hand writing, this is the most fast forward way to deal with those requests and will have no cost but must be organized with the reception of the office by making an appointment on the phone specifying the aim of your visit. If the insurance insists on extensive written medical reports this will have a cost, which will have to be paid in advance providing in one email all the information needed for the report. Depending on the amount of work, we might charge an amount between 40 and €80 and the report will be written once we have received the payment. Kindly take notice that the doctor has to do this in his free time and has a long to do list so it might take up to eight weeks.

    Thank you very much for your understanding.

    Be well!

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