• 13 MAR 20

    Patients having traveled in the last 14 days or with higher risk of possibly having Coronavirus, even if assymptomatic, will not be seen in the office but through an online visit or at their home.

    Avoid hospitals if you have no lack of air, in general most cases can be treated outside of hospitals.


    Here  2 contacts for home testing for Coronavirus COVID-19 in Lisbon:


    Dr.  Joaquim Chaves Laboratorio, Tel.nr. 214 124 300. Should eat or drink nothing 3 hours before and not allowed to blow nose.

    Results apparently in 24hours. Cost as per phone info it cost €101 per person.


    2. Contacto Synlab 808303203 or email Geral@synlab.pt

    workdays form 8-17ºº

    Custo 145 eur e por duas recolhas 195 eur.

    Many patients report problems contacting them.
    For information in Portugal:

    Call SNS24 (800 24 24 24), pretty hopeless afffair


    808242424, idem


    For prevention take Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Zinc 25-50 mg/day with a meal avoiding zinc sulfate which makes stomach ache. Prefer zinc orotate, -picolinate…



    Official chinese prevention paper



    Leitlinie zum Umgang mit der Coronavirus Epidemie Version 7.0 am 16.03.2020





    You may leave quarantine if after a 14 day symptom free period 2 consequent nasopharyngeal tests give a negative result.

     Coronavirus stats of Hong Kong in april 2020:
    Hong Kong population is ~7.5 million. Apart from school closure since early February, no lockdown – most businesses, restaurants and shopping malls have remained open.  1,026 infected cases.
    Compare with your local situation and draw your own conclusions.






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