• 13 OCT 21

    It is paramount to treat COVID early, in order to avoid complications leading to hospital recovery. There are 3 different COVID stages. Many patients still do not have knowledge of the three stages of the Covid disease. As this is paramount in order to understand the different treatment approaches used by many doctors in their daily practical work, here some information which is more extensively explained in the following study. Make sure to understand the 3 different COVID stages.

    Study the image below taken out of the above mentioned study as it shows you the most important informations:

    3 Covid stages

    Initially there is a very pronounced increase of the virus in the body of the patient including its brain but there will be no symptoms. As the symptoms of the patient start, the viral load in his body starts going down and the patient goes into the inflammatory stage. The immune system of the patient will attack the virus which is within the cells, leading to destruction of the patients own cells and a cytokine flash. At this stage the virus will often not be detected but the patient will have complications of thrombosis with lack of air, thus the importance of treatment with thrombosis preventing medication and cortisone. Make sure to understand the first two COVID stages.

    Take notice that in patient infected with Omicron Covid the mentioned time frames seem to be shorter. In early 2022 the Omicron Covid usually presents as a cold.

    The treatment will change depending on the stage the patient is in. The treatment of the first two stages, here a very good information in german, which has been undergone by many patients is very effective but not officially approved as Covid treatment so it is considered an off-label treatment. If you have a very effective treatment at your disposal for the first stage of his disease it seems very reasonable to use it as it will avoid the patient getting into the second much more life-threatening stage.


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