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    New hopes for long Covid patients according to research published in February 2024 in the journal Science Advances by a research group from England: High readings of interferon-gamma (IFN-γ) associated with long Covid symptoms, according to research published could be used to diagnose, treat and monitor long Covid in some patients. Using this in conjunction with the spike protein antibody titers could indeed prove very useful.

    Collection of resources for long COVID and post COVID:

    We talk about long COVID when symptoms persist or new symptoms appear 4 weeks after having suffered from an acute COVID-19 disease. Post Covid refers to symptoms persisting 12 weeks after the acute Covid disease and longer.

    On this site we will be collecting information about long Covid and post Covid in German English in Spanish which are considered interesting. Kindly share any interesting information with: info@drmarcofranzreb.com.


    In german language:

    AWMF 8/22


    In german: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8420848/

    Von der Uni Jena eine weitere Leitline.

    Leitlinien aus Österreich.

    Und Informationen in deutscher Sprache aus der Schweiz und vom dortigen BAG.

    Die offiziellen Leitlinien wie z.B. die von AWMF bieten keine therapeutischen Optionen, vielleicht ist daher das Protokoll der FLCCC Allianz von Interesse.


    In English: 


    Myocarditis as complication. As of February 2022 this is the most important study about COVID related myocarditis published in JAMA. Campbell made a video about this publication.

    Treatment options in the official guidelines are scarce or non existent maybe the corresponding FLCCC protocol is interesting, it is found here.

    Long COVID in children

    Studies analysing long Covid in children provide very different data, some of them find an incidence of 16 to 17%, others see incidence lower than 1%, according to German specialists the incidence of Long Covid in children might be around 1%.

    Symptoms of Long Covid are lack of air, brain fog and physical weakness. The prognosis is very good with the symptoms disappearing after months.

    Risk factors for having Long Covid are being female and having a severe SARS Covid 2 disease. As the vaccine diminishes the chance of having a severe disease it diminishes the rate of appearance of Long Covid.



    Ivermectin ein starkes Zink-Ionophor und kann bei der Behandlung von Virusinfektionen am effektivsten wirken, wenn es mit Zink kombiniert wird.


    Labordiagnostik bei Myokarditis:

    AK-Nachweis im Serum gegen: Coxsackie, CMV, Entero-Virus, Influenza-A, Influenza-B, Masern, Mumps, Mycoplasmen und Varicella-zoster.


    Aus dem Ärzteblatt:

    Anamnese, Labor (Troponin-T/I, NT-pro-BNP), EKG/Langzeit-EKG, Echokardiographie, Computertomographie [CT]/Magnetresonanztomographie [MRT] oder Katheterdiagnostik.



    Antibodies COVID:

    IgM and IgG:
    IgM:  7th and 10th day, in serious cases they may appear 3 days after the first symptoms

    IgG: appears from 10th to 20th day.

    If the IgG antibodies anti-SARS-CoV-2 are not detected 20 days after the beginning of the symptoms, or 23 to 25 days after the beginning of the infection, a SARS-CoV-2 infection can be ruled out.


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