• 11 OCT 20

    In general we would appreciate very much your feedback about our work to info@drmarcofranzreb.com. We thank you in advance for your feedback as this will help us to improve. Be assured that we will read your email and try our best to implement your input.

    Dr. Franzreb is not responsible for the work at the reception of the office. As a matter of fact he has nothing to do with it, that being so, we appreciate any feedback to the email given above as it will help us to take the necessary steps to improve. Dr. Franzreb is well aware, that during his work at this office in the last three years there have been problems with the work of the reception throughout the whole time and even if it is better now there still are things which have to be improved. We surely will be able to help you in case of problems if you refer with your problem to the email as the doctor himself will be reading the email which will enable him to get active. He is well aware that in the past many things happened at the reception without him even noticing.

    Just write feedback in the subject line of the email in order to make sure that the doctor himself will read your email.

    In most of the cases we won’t be able to reply but be assured that we will be reading all your comments with interest and try to implement your suggestions as far as possible.

    Thank you very much for your confidence.

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