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    english speaking doctor Lisbon

    On this page we will publish all the doctors, laboratories and medical institutions which might be helpful for foreigners who are looking for medical assistance in Lisbon. If you have any recommendations we thank you in advance for letting us know. Feedback is always very much appreciated. Kindly understand that these are just informations with no binding character. Neither are they recommendations, just information with no interest whatsoever on our behalf.




    Labs for blood analyses, etc.  in Lisbon:


    To look for a lab near your place you search analises clinicas in Google maps.

    1. https://www.unilabs.pt/
    2. www.germanodesousa.com

    3. Dr.  Joaquim Chaves Laboratorio, Tel. 214 124 300
    4. Synlab 808303203 or email Geral@synlab.pt


    Unilabs (Campo Grande)

    Campo Grande, 46A

    1700-093  Lisboa

    Telef.: 222401401

    Colheitas e Análises:

    2ª a 6ª feira: 8h00 às 16h00 (for lab tests until 4 pm)

    Sábado: 8h00 às 13h00


    Affidea (Almirante Reis)

    Avenida Almirante Reis, 65 A

    1150-011 Lisboa

    Telef.: 210 079 600

    Colheitas e Análises:

    2ª a 6ª feira: 7h30 às 16h00. (tests until 4 pm)

    Sábado: 8h00 às 14h00



    Near the office:

    Unilabs (Av. Liberdade)

    Avenida da Liberdade, 202

    1º dto, R/C e C/V

    1250-147  Lisboa

    Telef.: 222401401

    Colheitas e Análises:

    2ª feira a Sábado: 8h00 às 11h00



    SYNLAB Rodrigues Sampaio



    There are more but these are the major ones.





    Farmácia Morais Sarmento

    Farmácia Martins



    For x-rays and other image tests like ultrasound for example:


    Cedi – Centro de Diagnóstico por Imagem (Link to Google Maps)

    Av. da Liberdade 202 r/c-E, 1250-147 Lisboa

    Telefone: 213 172 740 ou 213 172 770


    Diatra-Centro De Diagnostico E Tratamento Medico, Lda. (Link to Google Maps)

    R. Alexandre Herculano 9, 1150-140 Lisboa





    Hospital da Luz

    Clinicas CUF




    Dr. Bernardo Feijóo at Hospital da Luz.




    Dr Ana Cristina Marques – Hospital tejo CUF


    Dr. Carlos Veríssimo

    you find him at 2 places:

    DirecciónAv. António Augusto de Aguiar 187, 1050-015 Lisboa

    Teléfono21 386 5383

    and in Hospital da Luz




    Dr. Cavaco


    Surgery for Knee and ankle problems:

    Dr. Telles de Freitas





    Centro de Dermatologia de Lisboa

    Rua Augusto Gil, N.º35B

    1000-064 Lisboa

    Tel.: 210534090

    E-mail: geral@cdlisboa.pt




    Homeopathic remedies in Lisbon:


    We have most of them at the office.

    Farmacia Martins

    Farmacia Santa Justa




    Clinica Azul: in Google Maps

    R. Ramalho Ortigão 39 R/C Esquerdo, 1070-228 Lisboa

    Teléfono21 387 3497



    Intravenous Vitamin C and ALA:

    You get the prescription from us through an online or in office appointment  and call or contact through Whatssapp the person who will perform the treatment:

    José Luiz: +351 933 251 772




    Dr. Martin Lauterbach Facharzt für Neurologie und Psychiatrie (deutschspr.) Consultório / Praxis Travessa da Espera 8-1° esq. 1200-176 Lisboa Sprechstunden u.a. in folgenden Kliniken/Krankenhäusern: Centro Clínico de Amadora (Di. 9:30 – 12:00) Clín.Parque Poetas, Oeiras (Di. 14:00-18:00) Hospital da Luz, Lisboa (Mo.+Fr. 9:00 – 17:00)

    Tel.: 21 343 26 44

    Mobil: 91 431 06 77


    Tel.: 21 120 99 00

    Tel.: 21 710 48 00

    Tel.: 21 710 44 00



    Clinisete:  Av Duque d’Avila n 112 A

    Here you get often used medication.

    Kindly do not understand the sites mentioned on this page as recommendations, you may go wherever you wish. This website is under constant construction and will be updated as soon as possible when we get new information. Understand that we have no financial relation whatsoever with the sites mentioned here.

    We also mention other english speaking doctors in Lisbon of different specialties with whom we had contact or received recommendations of other patients.

    During more of 25 years of medical work all over Europe and the world we have a Broads net off doctors anthropoids of many different countries and specialties.

    Through those contacts and with our own and our patients experiences we often can give feedback about therapies or treatments which might be useful for the patience decision making thoughts

    The last stunning experience was with a Brazilian therapist of São Paulo, Adam Crystiam, who works with frequencies charging high fees for European standards and a clear lack of professionality in our opinion. He is not a doctor, manifests curing cancer with quantic therapy, the kind of therapist which in Europe or the United States could have problems getting a license. There are many very valid therapists who sometimes are not even licensed doctors but in this specific case there were some very odd things happening.

    We are always very happy about receiving feedback of any kind as this information might be helpful for other patients.

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